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Hotel Residences

buying in tourism residence in CGH,
is to choose a profitable investment and a quality rental product.


La residence de tourisme is a classified commercial establishment comprising a group of apartments ready for occupation.
It is managed by a single operator and accommodates a tourist clientele, who are not permanent residents, by the night, by the week or by the month.

CGH complexes have all obtained 4-star classification measured by the standards set out in the classification decree of 4 June 2010.

For the investor, it is a property investment, purchased outright, managed by a professional operator. The owner and the operator are united by a commercial lease.

Each apartment may be sold to individuals who will benefit from the advantages of the commercial lease, personal occupation weeks and tax advantages..

The complex may also be owned by a group investor, a property company which signs a commercial lease with the operator, ensuring long-term profitability.

For the holiday consumer, it is a very flexible rental product and holiday formula.

Purchasing an apartment under commercial lease with CGH enables you to benefit from a number of services and advantages while creating a high-quality capital asset.

CGH will look after the rental management and maintenance of your apartment through its permanent teams and will guarantee you stress-free holidays.

  • Several types of commercial lease are available to you:

      The Pleasure & Capital Asset Plan
    • You will enjoy holiday weeks in both winter and summer, in your apartment or you can exchange them for weeks in another of the group’s complexes
    • while building a quality property asset
    • with a guaranteed rental
      The Capital Asset Plan
    • You will build a quality capital asset
    • You will not benefit from weeks of occupation but a guaranteed rental assuring you of a good return on your investment
  • You will receive a guaranteed rental:
    • - Whether your apartment is let or not, CGH will pay you an annual income
    • -One company manages all CGH complexes assuring you of the Group’s financial policy.
    • -Your rental is indexed throughout the life of your commercial lease.
  • -You will be able to reclaim the VAT:
    • -You will not pay VAT on your purchase, nor will you have to advance it and so you pay for your property exclusive of taxes.
    • - The rate may vary. This advantage is subject to the property being operated in this way for 20 years
  • You will benefit from tax advantages:
    • -Deductions can be applied to income. It varies according to your personal situation and country. Tax advantages may be subject to changes in the law..
    • - Find out more click here
  • The duration of the commercial lease
    • -The commercial lease signed with CGH is for an initial period of 11 years. It may be renewed for a maximum period of 9 years.
    • - At the end of the initial lease, the CGH Group will offer to continue to manage your property
    • -In order to meet the expectations of the tourist clientele, it is necessary to carry out alterations in your apartment for which a menu-price contribution will be sought.

There are several taxation arrangements that will benefit investors in rental property under the résidence de tourisme system. They enable the owner to enjoy their investment fully and to generate additional income from the rental of the property.

  • Refund of VAT (20%) on the purchase price of a new property
  • Under Non-professional furnished landlord (LMNP): costs and depreciation of the value of the property deducted from rental income
  • Under Professional furnished landlord (LMP) :possible exemption from ISF (wealth tax) and capital gains tax on resale, reduction of income tax, long-term exemption from taxes and social costs
  • Under the Censi-Bouvard Censi-Bouvard:11% reduction of tax on the value of the new property in a classified résidence de tourisme, subject to a commercial lease for a minimum of 9 years.

·When you purchase an apartment managed under lease by CGH, you will benefit from numerous advantages:

  • A service for owers with a team at your service for your holiday bookings and your questions
  • Some preferential services (somes exemples below)
    • -Your apartment available from 4.00 p.m. on the day of your arrival rather than 5.00 p.m
    • - No waiting on arrival, arrival formalities are simplified for you, no security deposit to pay
    • - You can add nights to the personal occupation weeks granted by your lease and benefit from a 20% reduction
    • - You can book holidays in all CGH complexes with a 20% reduction on the accommodation (non-cumulable with other promotional offers
    • - Our spas Ô des Cimes offer you a 15% reduction on the treatment menu
  • Winning exchanges :
    You can exchange your occupation weeks and use them to discover other CGH complexes. In this way, you can exchange:
      During winter season
    • - 1 high season week for 3 low season weeks occupied on different dates
    • -1 mid-season week for 1 low season week + 1 mid-season week occupied on different dates
    • - 1 mid-season week for 2 low season weeks occupied on different dates.
    • In the summer season
    • - 1 mid-season week for 1 low season week occupied on different dates
  • White periods
    During periods when the complex is closed to tourist clientele, 28 days of occupation are included in your lease at no additional cost

Residences in France

Atout France carried out a survey 2015 to mesure
the economic impact of résidences de tourisme in France

In France

The average size of a complex in France is 83 apartments.
It creates the equivalent of 13.3 full-time jobs annuallyin the region where it is situated
and injects 1.6 million Euros annually into the local economy:
- 1 030 000 € spent by clients
-  550 000 € spent in a residence

In the mountains

  • A typical residence is :
    • - 79 apartments for about 400 beds
    • - 1,3 million d'euros per year injected into local economy
    • -  8,1 full time jobs.
  • Holidays in residences in mountain regions represent 18.5 million nights of which 26% are foreigners.
  • Complexes in mountain regions inject 939 million Euros per year:
    • - 740 millions d'euros spent by clients
    • - 199 millions d'euros spent by residences
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